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The Importance of Early Language and Speech Development

At Kidovations Educational Experience, a renowned provider of childcare in Statesboro Georgia, we highlight the importance of language development in early childhood. We believe that early development of language and communication skills can contribute to a child’s future success – both in academia and in society.

Why is early language development important?
Language is a foundation of all social interactions. It is an important skill that allows you to communicate with others. It is used in everyday life – from communicating with parents, teachers, playmates, and the people around you. Having communication and language problems can cause frustration and misunderstandings. This is why language development is important to a child. It will help them convey their needs properly, and help them grow into a person who can interact successfully with others throughout their life.

How do you develop it?
As a parent, you are your child’s first educator. Some ways that you can develop your child’s speech and language skills include singing songs, reading stories, playing games (i.e. naming objects and shapes), and simply by interacting with them regularly.

Speech and Language Milestones
Children develop at different rates; however, they should be exhibiting certain behaviors at a specific age. For instance, once they reach 12 months old, they should be able to recognize and react to the sound of their name. By the time they turn 2 years old, they should have a vocabulary of approximately 300 words and they must be able to respond to simple instructions. By 3 years old, they should have approximately 1,000 words. By the time they turn 5 years old, they should be able to speak in sentences.

Note: A child between 18 to 24 months who are having difficulty vocalizing and following simple instructions may be showing signs of a language development delay. This is also true for children above 2 years old with unintelligible speech most of the time. Parents may consider seeking the help of a professional pediatrician. If your child is diagnosed with a speech problem, they may be referred to a Speech-Language Pathologist.

As a concerned childcare center in Georgia, we want to make sure that parents have all of the resources and information they need in order to help their child. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to talk to a member of our staff.

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