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Summer Camp: 3 Common Questions Asked and Answered


Has your child never gone to a summer camp? If you are considering this option for them, Kidovations Educational Experience has put together some questions and answers that may help you make the final decision. We are a respected provider of childcare in Statesboro Georgia and we want you to be confident in making the decision to send your child to our camp.

Why is summer camp important?
You may be thinking, “Why should I send my child to a camp when they can just spend their vacation with the family at home?” Well, there are different reasons why parents send their children to a summer camp. However, one of the most important reasons why summer camp is important is that it provides children with a safe environment where they can learn new skills, explore their interests, and make new friends. In a summer camp, they learn how to be independent while being away from their family. They learn how to do things on their own and they learn how to cooperate with other camp members as well. All of these skills are important as they grow older and socialize with more people in society.

What activities are offered in a summer camp?
As a top preschool in Georgia, we are proud to say that we have a lot to offer your child this summer! We have summer camp events such as cooking activities, engineering activities, science experiments, sewing, computer activities, just to name a few. Rest assured, your child will never get bored. We will make sure that their summer vacation is well spent.

What do you do about shy children? Can they make friends at the camp?
Children of all personalities can thrive in a summer camp. If your child is particularly shy, summer camp may help them develop social skills, allowing them to interact with others more freely. In a camp, they will have to interact with others due to the various activities we have prepared, thus, improving their socialization skills in the process. Rest assured, our camp directors at Kidovations Educational Experience are very sensitive to each child’s unique personality and we will do our best to ensure that every child is comfortable in the camp environment.

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