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Quick Guide: How to Manage Separation Anxiety with Your Little One


Every working mom and dad knows the ordeals and emotional turmoil of leaving their child in tears. For this reason, many parents would go any length just to secure their children in the hands of professional providers of child care in Statesboro Georgia. These childcare professionals are excellent in providing healthy transitions from the temporary separation between the parent and child.

Are you struggling with these issues each time you leave home? It’s important to remember that this is part of a child’s normal growth. Hence, we’ve gathered the following guidelines in being able to manage the times that you have to temporarily leave your child so that the separation anxiety will not have any long-term effects.

  • Whether your child will stay in a childcare center in Georgia or with a nanny at home, establish some special handshake as a form of goodbye. You can be creative in creating these routines, but the essential element is that it should be a quick one. If you’re not fond of these kinds of rituals, you can give them their favorite toy to hold on to. Just don’t prolong the goodbye as this can also lengthen their anxiety.

  • As you say your goodbye to your child, give them your full attention. Look them in the eye, hug them tightly, and kiss them as affectionately as you can. Remind them that you’ll be back and assure them that you’ll be thinking of them when you’re away. And afterward, leave very quickly. Don’t wait for them to stop crying or to mellow from their antics as this may not happen while you’re still around.

  • Follow through with your promise. Giving your child a promise can help them look forward to your next meeting and comforts some of the children as well. It’s very important, dear parents, that you have to keep your promise. Every promise kept can help strengthen their trust and confidence in you. Whether or not you’re sure that you can meet such a promise, better not make any at all.

  • Use the words of your child when talking to them about your return. Telling them something about the time of your return can encourage them, no matter how little, to let you go, because they know that they have something exciting to anticipate. However, make sure that you communicate using their terms. For instance, tell them that you’ll be the one to tuck them to bed or you’ll be there to pick them up from their preschool in Georgia.

  • Rehearse on separating from them for few hours that also increase gradually. For instance, you leave them for some hours with their Granny. You can also ask some friends with children to play with them at home while you do some errands.

These practice activities can be a great deal helpful in training them about managing their separation anxiety. If you need further assistance on reliable and professional childcare assistance when you need to work, come and visit us at Kidovations Educational Experience.

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