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Fall Fun with Preschoolers

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Fall is such a great season, with the temperatures beginning to drop allowing for more comfortable outdoor play. There are so many kid-friendly activities that center around fall. Let’s take a look at some easy ones you might be interested in found on Pinterest:

Fall Button Tree: finally, something to do with all those buttons you have collected! Make a pipe cleaner tree and anchor it down in a basket full of buttons. Let your child fill up the branches with a variety of buttons.

Thankful Tree: Pinterest offers a template for a “Thankful Tree” that preschoolers can grow. Simply cut out some leaves and ask your little one every day what he or she is thankful for. Write that on the leaf and attach to the tree. Building a tree of thankfulness is a great way to prepare for Thanksgiving.

Leaf Matching: When the leaves begin to fall, find some favorites with your child. Bring them in, trace them on a large poster board, and then let your little one try to match them up. You can play this game over and over.

Go Nuts! There are several fun ways to incorporate nuts, such as acorns, into your fun. Count them, decorate with them, even sort and match the various nuts together. You can always glue them on pictures or use them for rewards (when enough nuts are in the jar for good behavior, a treat follows).

Leaf Rub: Pull out some white paper. Find some varying shaped leaves and put them on a hard, flat surface. Lay the paper on top, then rub leaves with a flat white crayon. Next, go back and paint the paper with different shades of watercolor. Watch the leaf outlines appear like magic!

Fall Wreath: After gathering some beautiful leaves, cut the center out of a large paper plate. Then grab some glue and glue on the leaves around the circle, creating a fall leaf wreath. This simple and fun activity helps you decorate your home or a child’s bedroom door with a classic work of art!

The opportunities for fall fun with your preschooler are endless! Have a great time searching Pinterest and other craft sites geared to young children for more ideas. Happy fall!

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