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Summer Camp

Summer Camp in Statesboro

“Ingenuity Rocks the World” at Kidovations

Make. Create. Innovate

June 4-8 Shark Tank

Have you ever thought about running your own business? Do you have an idea about a product you would like to create and sell? Do you have a talent you think would be a helpful service for others? You might be interested in visiting the Ingenuity Summer Shark Tank! In this camp, budding entrepreneurs will have to brainstorm, design and create their product and write a business plan that includes a mission statement, market analysis and marketing strategies. The hopeful business owners will watch episodes of the hit show to gain an understanding of what their presentation should look like, then they will present their ideas to the Ingenuity Summer “sharks.” Do you have what it takes to impress the sharks?

June 11–15 The Chopping Block
Never have food challenge reality shows been so popular and Chopped! is a favorite here at Tiny and Gourmet Chefs! We like it so much we decided to base a whole weeklong camp on the concept. Our version has the added twist of focusing on different cuisines every day of camp. So, each day the Tiny and Gourmet Chef campers will be presented with a basket with 3 or 4 ingredients, which reflect these different cuisines—French, Italian, Mexican, Asian and “All-American”. Using those ingredients and working within those cuisines, they will challenge themselves to make mouthwatering specialties, traditional favorites and explore new ingredients, tastes and combinations.

June 18–22 Engineering Mania
In our newest class, the little Engineers will utilize their creativity, out of box thinking to build and test various contraptions such as balloon propelled vehicles, bridges using different materials, towers, platforms, buildings. Each class will have a defined challenge and the engineers will work individually or in small teams to design and build the challenge. They will utilize the engineering design process and explore their own creativity to complete the challenges. For some classes, the child will take home, a small kit of materials to re-do the challenge at home with their parents or sibling.

June 25–29 Magnificient Scientists Mixtures
This week will be full of bubbling, fizzing, and a few (totally safe) explosions! Campers will be engaged in chemistry concepts through hands-on experiments, visual art, theater, and athletic games. (And yes, there will be tons of SLIME!)

July 2–6 Makers Workshop
This camp session is all about self-expression! Using traditional and non-traditional art and craft media, we’ll create our own original works of art and design our own unique crafts. Our imaginative, open-ended creativity centers provide the freedom to create your own work at your own pace with beads, magnets, clay, wood, vinyl, yarn, elastic, paint, fabric, glitter, buttons, cork, straws, stickers and much, much more!

July 9–13 Sewing the Future
This class teaches the basics of sewing. Mainly machine sewing will be taught, though some hand sewing basics skills will also be demonstrated. Skills covered by this class include safety measures for cutting and sewing, fabric cutting (using shears and rotary cutter), threading a sewing machine and winding a bobbin, and use of a needle and sewing machine. Students will create at least 2 real-life projects of their choosing to facilitate development of these skills. A sewing machine will be furnished for in class use.

July 16–20 Mission Zootopia
Mission Zootopia: Is a fun-filled, educational animal experience. Camp activities will include scavenger hunts, behind the scene tours, live animal presentations, special one-on-one animal experiences, classroom projects, games, craft time, and much more.

July 23–27 Farm to Table Camp
At Farm to Table Camp, campers will spend the whole week learning about farming, food preparation and preservation through hands-on activities at local farms and our kitchen classroom. Kids who love food or never let a leafy green cross their lips will both enjoy exploring the processes of creating healthy and tasty meals beginning with a seed.

July 30–31 Kindness Rocks
The “Kindness Rocks Project” has made its way to Camp Ingenuity! The Kindness Rocks Project, which is a nationwide movement with the idea that just one message shared at just the right time can change someone’s entire day, outlook or life. Inspirational messages and artwork are painted on rocks, and then the rocks are placed outdoors where others may find them. This week we will give back to our community through a series of kindness projects.

Coding Cadets
Have you ever played video games? Do you enjoy creating on the computer? Would you like to be able to create computer models of buildings? What about creating your own video game? All of these areas will be addressed in Coding Cadets. Campers will learn the basics of Minecraft and be able to create mini projects. After the mini projects are completed, campers will use their new skills in Minecraft to create a scale computer model of their favorite building or structure in Minecraft. Students will have mini-lessons in Scratch. Through these mini lessons students will learn the basics of computer coding in order to create a video game or application of their choice.

Please note. We will be closed on the fourth of July.