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Summer Camp

The name is STEAMtastic Summer Camp Experience at Kidovations

Make. Create. Innovate
May 30- June 2 Kitchen Chemists

Our chemists become chefs in this hands-on cooking and food chemistry class. Campers explore the chemistry behind their favorite recipes, making chocolate, ice cream, and cake as they investigate physical and chemical reactions, acids, bases, emulsifiers, and states of matter. Campers also learn about simple and complex carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and enzymes.

June 5-9 Grossology
Campers will discover tons of fantastic experiments! Projects focus on bones, blood, and body parts! This is science with the squishy bits left in it! Tons of chemistry and biology for the aspiring doctor or scientist!

June 12-16 Crime scene Investigator
The CSI Camp gives hands-on experiences to students who love puzzles, science and watching forensic science television shows. Campers will learn the importance of the correct chain of custody procedures when handling evidence that they collect at the crime scene.

June 19-23 Missing Money Mystery
Using real laboratory techniques and materials, campers create theories about the “crime” of a classroom burglary, much as real detectives (and real scientists) use their powers of critical thinking to track down the thief. Along the way, they practice critical thinking, acquire new vocabulary, explore careers in forensics, and become acquainted with scientific procedures and processes they will encounter in their classrooms. At its core,

June 26-30 Design. Create. Sculpt
Campers follow the same process as an industrial designer – putting an idea on paper, turning it into a 3D model using Tinkercad, and then bringing it to life with a 3D printer. Campers will use cutting-edge 3D-printing technology to produce, evaluate and reiterate models and design creations.

Digital Video Lab
Students star in their own multimedia production using the Digital Video Lab equipment. Students are challenged to create video projects that reinforce and enhance their regular classroom learning as well as inspire them to express their creativity and imagination.

July 3-7 Take Flight
We take it to the skies with anything that flies. Campers will learn about aerodynamics, forces, flight, and space travel as they: Fly airplanes, both remote and paper and compete for prizes in fun and friendly aerospace engineering challenges.

July 10-14 Drone Attack
Drone Attack is about hands-on learning, innovation and adventure. You’ll take to the skies and become an honorary junior drone pilot. Participate in Drone Races, Aerial Scavenger Hunts, Disassemble a Drone, and learn aerial photography and videography.

July 17-21 K’nex Building Experience
The K’NEX Building Experiene is designed to address critical mathematics concepts and provide instructional models that will enhance students’ understanding of important concepts and algorithms. Students work cooperatively and are encouraged to interact with each other as they build, investigate, discuss and evaluate mathematical concepts, ideas and models.

July 24-28 Cublets Robotics
Cubelets are the best way to introduce children of all ages to robotics, coding, and design thinking. Campers can reprogram or control their robots when paired with the included Bluetooth® Cubelet.

Please note. We will be closed on the fourth of July.