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Finding the Best Preschool for Your Little Ones

When you are interested in providing an early childhood education for your little ones, there is a [...]

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The Benefits of an Early Childhood Education

As parents, we always look out for our kids’ best interests. We do everything in our power [...]

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Keeping Your Preschoolers Busy, Entertained, and Learning While at Home

When your little ones enter preschool, their eyes will be open to a wider world of learning [...]

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Prepping Your Little Tots for Preschool

So your little ones are now ready for preschool! Or are they? Preschool is the beginning of [...]

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Is It Safe for Children to Use the Internet?

It is not uncommon to find a child throwing a tantrum over not being allowed to use [...]

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Understanding Learning Styles: How They Affect Your Child’s Development

Our philosophy here at Kidovations Educational Experience stands with the idea that every child is different. We [...]