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Fall Fun with Preschoolers

Fall is such a great season, with the temperatures beginning to drop allowing for more comfortable outdoor play. There are so many kid-friendly activities that center around fall. Let’s take a look at some easy ones you might be interested in found on Pinterest: Fall Button Tree: finally, something to do with all those buttons … Continue reading

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Napping News

Child development specialists agree that young children need naps. Keeping them on a regular napping schedule is essential to growth and development. Between 4 and 12 months, most babies will settle in to two naps a day, ranging from 20 minutes to three hours, typically twice a day. Toddlers around two narrow this down to … Continue reading

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What’s Happening in Your Child’s Brain?

The brain is a fascinating organ with many different parts that work together to do the essential work of human life. Scientific research has proven that right after a child is born, the learning and mental development begins, The first three years of a child’s life is essential to brain and neural development. These years … Continue reading

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Understanding Teething

Have you noticed your 4 to 7 month old starting to teeth? Some babies sprout their first tooth before or after this timeframe, but invariably infants will begin to show teeth breaking through their gums. Did you know that the teeth actually start developing while your baby is in the womb? What should you look … Continue reading

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What Kids Learn on the Playground

Playtime is essential for the social, mental and physical development of children. Many parents are very protective and fear what might happen on a playground, whether they are there or not. However, there are many advantages of playtime on a playground: Socialization skills: kids need kids. They need to interact with children their own age … Continue reading

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