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Does Too Much Screen Time Lead to Alzheimer’s?

Things have changed, apparently. Parents know too well how different their own childhood used to be from [...]

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5 Effective Suggestions to Prepare Your Pets for Baby’s Arrival

Finding out that you’re pregnant may bring you feelings of excitement and anxiety. However, if you are [...]

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6 Remarkable Benefits of Learning Sign Language for Children

Did you know that American Sign Language (ASL) offers numerous benefits to ALL children? Teachers, early childhood [...]

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Fall Fun with Preschoolers

Fall is such a great season, with the temperatures beginning to drop allowing for more comfortable outdoor [...]

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Napping News

Child development specialists agree that young children need naps. Keeping them on a regular napping schedule is [...]

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What’s Happening in Your Child’s Brain?

The brain is a fascinating organ with many different parts that work together to do the essential [...]