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Welcome to Kidovations Educational Experience

Always stay connected to your child’s education by using our exclusive webcasting service! This service will allow you to stay connected to your child’s day via your mobile device. Kidovations Educational Experience aspires to nurture the minds of our little ones through our fully innovative classes and programs.

Our curriculum is designed to accelerate your child’s brain development by stimulating their developing minds through engaging learning activities. At Kidovations Educational Experience, we guarantee a high-quality environment to give you peace of mind. Our entrances are safe and secure, guarded by security cameras and a biometric fingerprint.

Kidovations is a nationally accredited discovery learning center. Our center located at 3001 Stambuk Lane is open from 6:30am-6:00pm Monday-Friday.

Enroll your child today to gain the Kidovations Educational Experience and discover the difference!

Why do so many teachers and professors enroll their children with us?

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